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Who Are We?
StemCyte™'s US facility has maintained accreditation by FACT since 2006. StemCyte™ was the first cord blood bank in the world to receive accreditation in all three cord blood banking activities: unrelated, family-related, and autologous cord blood.
StemCyte India is a joint venture between StemCyte Inc. (USA), Apollo Hospital Enterprises Ltd. and Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. StemCyte India’s headquarter and processing facility is strategically located in Gujarat state (The hub of Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Anemia).
It was established in 2008, dedicated to collection, processing, testing and storage of both – private and public umbilical cord blood units and its therapeutic applications.
Globally, StemCyte Inc., USA; StemCyte Taiwan and StemCyte India work on a “Hybrid+” model. Each establishment has a core competency in Public Cord Blood Banking, Private Cord Blood Banking, Therapeutic Applications and are also actively involved in a Clinical Trials.
As a group, StemCyte treasures public inventory of >35,000 racially diverse transplantable cord blood units. It has facilitated 2,000 cord blood transplants at 315 transplant centers across all continents.StemCyte India was established in 2008 and started its commercial operations in 2010. Since then, it has facilitated 36 transplants in > 12 centers across India.
The success of stem cell technology is not just in banking, but in its therapeutic application……. And only StemCyte has it all. Provide a complete solution – from Banking to Therapeutic Application – all under one roof.
StemCyte’s motto “It is not just about saving blood….It’s about saving lives”

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