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Transplant experience
The leader in transplants, worldwide.

StemCyte has extensive experience providing cord blood units for transplants in children and adults with life-threatening diseases. Other private cord blood banks may have provided family-related cord blood for transplants, but only StemCyte's cord blood units have been used to 2000 plus transplants to date.

Even after over 10 years in frozen storage, StemCyte's cord blood units have been proven to engraft rapidly and completely in patients. The majority of these transplanted units were processed using StemCyte's proprietary MaxCell (plasma depletion) method.

We believe that the success of our cord blood transplants results from our StemCyte's experience and attention to quality in processing, freezing, and storing cord blood, as well as our extensive experience with tissue typing (HLA) techniques. To date, more than 80 diseases have been successfully treated with stem cells. These include cancers (leukemias, lymphomas, multiple myeloma), blood disorders (thalassemias, sickle cell anemia, Fanconi anemia), and immune deficiency diseases.

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