StemCyte Care

A protection plan to ensure your family will have a unit ready for transplant.

There are reasons StemCyte is the most trusted cord blood bank by leading OBGYNs and transplant physicians. Along with the record of released units for transplant in over 350 transplant centers worldwide and the highest accreditation standards, we provide extra protection that will give you peace of mind.

4 Critical Factors

Did you know a transplant physician can deem your baby’s cord blood unit ineligible due to these critical factors at the time of transplant?

StemCyte Care Benefits

If your child’s cord blood stem cells become ineligible for transplant, StemCyte will*:

Provide you an additional unit at no cost from the StemCyte donor Cord Blood bank at a 4/6 HLA match or higher for transplant

Expand the search to international registries if one is not available at StemCyte donor Cord Blood bank, and pay up to $50,000 to acquire the unit at a 4/6 HLA match or higher for transplant

Pay you up to $80,000 toward medical charges if no suitable unit is available in any registries.

*Terms and conditions apply.


With StemCyte Care, we've got you covered

We’ll protect you if a transplant physician deems your cord blood unit to be ineligible. We’ve got you covered with our public bank inventory.

That’s peace of mind

StemCyte is a leader in cell processing and transplantation.

Being a public and private hybrid cord blood bank, StemCyte can search its cord blood inventory for available products and offer a backup unit. You can add another level of protection for your family, which is called StemCyte Care at a minimal cost.