Preservation Process
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Preservation Process
  1. Call toll free number 866.389.4659
    for more information or fill the out inquiry form
  2. Choose a plan suitable to you and complete all paperwork
  3. Receive temperature-controlled collection kit
  4. The collection process is completely non invasive and does not cause any harm to mother and baby
  5. Call 866.389.4659 to arrange collection kit pick up
  6. Testing on cord blood / tissue, including total cell count and sterility of the unit, to name just a few, as well as infectious disease testing on the maternal sample.
  7. The umbilical cord blood will be stored at very low temperatures of (-) 196 degrees celsius in liquid nitrogen vapor phase dewars.
  8. You shall receive a Certificate of Storage with all important data required for the transplant.
  9. Always be there for you…………