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Our Mission
StemCyte is dedicated to helping the world’s physicians save more lives by providing high quality, safe and effective stem cell transplantation and therapy to all patients in need.

StemCyte is a global leading cord blood therapeutic company offers public and private cord blood banking. StemCyte began its Corporate “life” as a Public Umbilical Cord Blood (UCB) Bank with a mission to create the largest, most racially diverse UCB bank in the world to serve ALL patients in need. StemCyte has stayed true to this mission with its operations in the USA, Taiwan and India. No other UCB bank has accomplished the diversity and treated as many patients around the world. StemCyte is truly an International UCB stem cell therapeutics company, having shipped over 2,000 UCB units from its Public bank to leading hospitals around the world.

The culture of StemCyte and the attitude of our employees is based on this mission, and the same is true in the USA, Taiwan, and India. Because our “roots” are as a Public UCB Bank, we operate by the highest standards in the world and each unit that we collect and save ‐ Public and Private ‐ is treated in the same way, i.e. as if that specific unit will be used to save a life in the future. The result is that StemCyte provides the BEST service to our customers and gives them the most peace of mind and confidence that their child’s UCB is being handled by the best UCB professionals in the world.

The fact that we have a very large and diverse Public UCB Bank, a very valuable asset that StemCyte owns, has allowed us to develop an Advanced Therapeutics initiative and to partner with leading researchers and clinicians in the USA, Taiwan, HK, China and India.

This initiative has led to clinical trials to develop UCB to treat Thalassemia, chronic and acute stroke as well as chronic and acute spinal cord injury……and this is only the beginning. No other UCB company in the world has a multinational presence and no other UCB company in the world can state that they have our three component business model.