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Our History


  • 1997: StemCyte founded with the mission to build the largest and most racially diverse public Umbilical Cord Blood (UCB) bank in the world.

  • 2000: StemCyte becomes fully operational with public banking facilities in the USA and Taiwan and begins building a diverse public UCB inventory.

  • 2001: StemCyte delivers its 1st and 2nd transplant units to Dr. Patrick Tan in Singapore for a double UCB Non-Myeloablative Multi-unit Cord Blood (CB) Transplant – treatment is successful and Dr. Tan receives President’s Medal.


  • 2003: StemCyte obtains AABB accreditation for Public UCB Banking in both USA and Taiwan.

    StemCyte creates and hosts the 1st Umbilical Cord Blood Transplantation Symposium at City of Hope National Cancer Hospital in Los Angeles.

  • 2005: StemCyte launches the private banking division in Taiwan and the USA.

    StemCyte receives a US Congress earmark and National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) grant to help build a diverse US public bank inventory.

    StemCyte receives a NMDP grant to collect public units in Taiwan. First time ever, given to a public bank outside the USA.

    StemCyte received Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) approval for a Phase II IND clinical trial using cord blood to cure 12 patients suffered Beta Thalassemia Major.


  • 2006: – StemCyte launches the Advanced Therapeutics Division with a formal agreement between Rutgers University (Professor Wise Young) and details plans for clinical trials.

    StemCyte receives prestigious Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT) Accreditation –1st Cord Blood Bank in the world to be accredited for both Allogeneic and Autologous Banking.

    1st private company as one of the HRSA Partners.


  • 2007: StemCyte ships 500th transplant unit.

    Prof. Wise Young submits patent application for the combination of UCB cells plus Lithium to promote the secretion of certain Neurotrophic factors that are thought to promote the activation of the body’s own neural stem cells thus promoting the growth and repair of the patient’s nerves.

    StemCyte named national disaster bank by US government.


  • 2008: StemCyte announces the creation of StemCyte India joint venture with The Apollo Hospital Group and Cadila Pharmaceutical as its partners.

    StemCyte submits patent application for the “Treatment of Brain Damage using UCB Cells” including but not limited to stroke and traumatic brain injury.

  • 2010: StemCyte ships 1,500th transplant unit.

    StemCyte applies for patent on a method to modify UCB Cells to be HIV resistant.

    StemCyte completed a Phase II IND clinical trial in Taiwan using autologous peripheral blood stem cells (CD34+) for the treatment of chromic stroke patient with 85% successful rate.

    Prof. Wise Young initiates Chronic Spinal Cord Injury trial in Hong Kong using mono-nuclear cells from UCB.


  • 2011: Prof. Young and StemCyte initiate Phase I/II Sub-Acute Spinal Cord Injury clinical trials in China.

    StemCyte is awarded U.S. Patent for its unique Plasma Depletion UCB Processing method.

    StemCyte and Sharp HealthCare launch Cord Blood Collection Partnership.


  • 2012: StemCyte and UC Davis partner on public cord blood program.

    Prof. Young completes Phase II Chronic Spinal Cord Injury trial in China with last of 20 patients undergoing cell surgery and cell transplant in May.

    StemCyte is awarded Chinese Patent for the combination of UCB plus Lithium.

    StemCyte received TFDA approval for its Phase II IND clinical trial using CD34+ from patients’ peripheral blood for chronic stroke treatment.


  • 2013: StemCyte partnered with Kaiser to launch a new public cord blood collection model.

    US patent through partner Cell Research Corp to store and expand mesenchymal and epithelial cells leading to therapeutic products.

    Professor Young details nine (9) Advanced Therapeutic initiatives underway.

  • 2015: StemCyte ships 2,000th transplant unit.

    Grand Opening of New Facility in Baldwin Park, California.

    StemCyte is awarded Patent for Lithium Stimulation of Stem Cells Proliferation and growth factor production in U.S., Europe, China, Japan, Australia, and Korea.

  • 2016: StemCyte is awarded Japanese Patent for Stem Cell Screening for HIV infection.

    StemCyte has been re-accredited by FACT (Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy) for both Public and Private Banks. The number of companies in the U.S. that offer family banking is approaching 30 of which only 5 have received FACT accreditation, and StemCyte is one of the 5.