Newborn Genetic Analysis

Newborn screening saves or improves the lives of more than 12,000 infants in the United States each year," according to the Health Resources and Services Administration.

Infants born in the United States are screened for specific genetic conditions within the first few weeks of birth. Some of these genetic conditions may not be apparent during the newborn period. However, they may cause infants to develop severe and sometimes life-threatening illnesses if not properly diagnosed and promptly treated.

StemCyte offers Newborn Genetic Analysis (NGA), as well as Beacon Carrier Screening, in partnership with Fulgent Therapeutics.

NGA tests are non-invasive and involve the testing of cord blood after the birth of your child. While the tests look for over 200 health conditions that your child might have at the time of testing, it targets the screening of metabolic disorders, blood disorders, hearing loss, cardiac diseases, immunodeficiency disorders, cancers, epilepsy, vision loss, and more.

These tests are beneficial because even if your child does not currently have these conditions, the chances that they might someday get them are still there. NGA testing allows parents the ability to prepare for the potential of these conditions while still welcoming their new child into their home.

About Fulgent Therapeutics

Fulgent is a leader in genetic sequencing whose mission is to provide affordable and efficient genetic testing for families and individuals all over the United States. With empathetic and reliable customer service, all services provided by Fulgent are designed to put their customers and their needs first.

With ever-expanding diagnostic solutions and multiple accreditations including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, College of American Pathologists, and their California Clinical Laboratory License, StemCyte is proud to partner with their organization to provide NGA and Beacon Carrier testing for our clients. 

Their catalog is one of the most comprehensive in the world, testing for over 18,000 single genes and over 800 different rare diseases so that you and your child can be sure about your future health. Additionally, Fulgent offers 2-3 week turnarounds on both their beacon carrier testing and their Newborn Genetic Analysis.

Saving Your Newborn's Stem Cells Is A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

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