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Lifesaver Guarantee
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StemCyte is one of the most highly accredited Cord Blood banks in the world. At StemCyte your child’s Cord Blood is treated with the same care as our donor Cord Blood products that have helped transplant physicians save hundreds of lives around the world.

The LifeSaver® Guarantee gives you an added level of security and peace of mind. If the cells do not engraft upon transplantation, you will be refunded all fees paid to StemCyte plus an additional $50,000. Also, we have the ability to search the StemCyte Cord Blood inventory for available products and provide you with an alternative Cord Blood product if one is available at a 4/6 HLA match or higher for transplant. Alternatively, if your baby’s Cord Blood product is damaged during inbound shipment, processing, or storage, and you choose to stay enrolled paying all fees, we will search the StemCyte Cord Blood inventory for available products and provide you with another Cord Blood product if one is available at a 4/6 match or higher when your child or a family member needs a stem cell transplant.

Use of Guarantee and Cells
  • This guarantee requires that the request for stem cells come from a transplant physician at an accredited transplant center who writes a prescription for a Cord Blood product to be used for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.
  • An appropriately matched Cord Blood unit is a Cord Blood unit with sufficient viable post-thaw total nucleated and CD34+ cell count that is 4/6 (or better) HLA match, using DNA based techniques at a low intermediate level resolution for HLA class I alleles and an high level resolution for HLA class II alleles. A family member is defined for this guarantee as a first degree blood relative to the baby (biological sibling or parent).
  • Time to assessment of engraftment using the usual definition of engraftment must be at least four weeks. Valid medical records documenting proof of non-engraftment will be required. Cells must not have been subjected to positive or negative cell selection, expansion, gene therapy, or have been combined with peripheral blood, bone marrow, or a second Cord Blood unit. The Guarantee does not apply to experimental procedures. It applies to use in treatable diseases (see the NMDP list). The guarantee is not available to clients who are part of StemCyte’s Sibling Directed Program, or other programs funded by state or government, or if there is a 3rd party payee.
  • StemCyte does not guarantee a favorable outcome or lack of adverse events for any stem cell transplantation with its units. Furthermore, StemCyte does not guarantee that an unrelated Cord Blood product that is identified for your family will be deemed acceptable to the transplant physician or transplant center, since each transplant is a complex decision.
  • This guarantee does not cover damage caused by natural disasters or Acts of War.
  • Residents of Missouri, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island are not eligible for the guarantee.
  • This guarantee is subject to disclaimers, releases, limitations of liability and indemnities in the Service Agreement that you have signed.