Investment That Begins At Birth

Preserving Your Baby’s Cord Blood & Tissue Can Bring Peace Of Mind.

Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Banking

Cord blood and tissue banking is a non-invasive procedure that involves the processing of the umbilical cord and storage of the byproducts after processing. It does not take away from the experience of birth, nor does it cause any harm to the baby or parent. Instead, it utilizes the cord, which is usually removed after birth and then discarded. 

When you bank your child’s cord blood stem cells, there are two different parts of the cord that can be utilized in future stem cell therapies.

Cord Blood

A Rich Source Of Hematopoietic Stem Cells

How is it used?

Cord blood is used to treat blood-related diseases (leukemia, lymphoma, anemia), autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases, and other certain types of cancers.

Advancements since first successfully used in 1988. It’s now been used to treat over 80 blood-related diseases.

  • HLA Match. 100% match with self

Cord Tissue

An Abundant Source Of Mesenchymal Stem Cells

How is it used?

Cord tissue can be used to heal muscle and bone injuries, regulate inflammation, autoimmune reactions, repair organs and tissues.

Advancements since first used in 1995. It’s now in almost 600 clinical trials.

  • HLA Match. Not required for either self or for others
Stem Cell Collection

How Cord Blood Stem Cells Are Collected

Collecting Cord Blood Stem Cells Is An Easy, Simple, And Painless Procedure.
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Processing Method

StemCyte offers two methods to preserve your newborn’s cord blood stem cells:

StandardCell® or MaxCell®. While the industry uses the StandardCell®, we developed our proprietary method of processing where only the plasma layer is removed.

Research studies show that this method yields a higher recovery of TNC (Total Nucleated Cells).

The higher the TNC, the greater the chance of successful transplant and recovery.


( Red Cell Reduction )

  • Most commonly used method
  • Plasma and majority of red cells are removed
  • The final volume is approximately 25mL
  • Preverves less TNC (Total nucleated Cell)


( Plasma Depletion )

  • Only plasma is removed
  • The final volume is approximately 30-80mL
  • Preserves more TNC (Total nucleated Cell)
  • Quicker recovery rate (references: 1.Bone Marrow Transplantation (2012) 47, 33-39, 2.Bio Blood Transplant (2011) 17, 1375-1382
  • Higher survival rate (references: Sarah Nikiforow, et. Al. 122 Blood (2013)

StemCyte's Process

Our Goal

Highest Quality Standards

Our impressive 40,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility in the heart of the Baldwin Park Industrial Center in California promises to provide the highest quality standards for you and your family.

Transport Safely

After the collection of your cord blood stem cells, the collection kit will be transported safely to our facility in a temperature-controlled box.

Quality Testing & Superior Processing

Our highly trained staff will process your cord blood and tissue stem cells in accordance with over 400 validated process.

Securely Store

Your cord blood stem cells will be stored at low temperature in one of our liquid nitrogen vapor phase dewars.

Automated Monitoring System

Maintained by a centralized monitoring system and safeguarded by a massive backup electric generator.

Simple Enrollment Steps


Enroll online or Call 888.885.4088 to create an account and receive your collection kit.


Bring your collection kit to the hospital on your big day! Your doctor will perform the collection.


Call our 24/7 medical courier at 866.389.4659 for pick up from your hospital to our lab.


Your newborn's stem cells will be processed and quality tested in our state-of-the-art laboratory. Certificate of Storage will be issued to you.

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