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  • External accreditation agencies and registries have recognized StemCyte International Cord Blood Center's high quality and standards. In addition, we are proud to have an outstanding HLA typing laboratory within our center to help provide rapid tissue typing response to urgent transplant hospital needs.


  • StemCyte was honored in April 2006 to have FACT award our US laboratory their prestigious FACT accreditation, becoming the first cord blood company in the world to receive accreditation in all 3 activities- unrelated, related allogeneic and autologous cord blood. StemCyte met the criteria for cord blood collection, processing, testing, banking, selection and release of units and is the only cord blood bank in the world to be accredited by FACT for autologous donations. FACT believes that a valid accreditation must encompass both clinical and laboratory aspects. For this reason, they have established standards for high quality medical and laboratory practices.


  • StemCyte received its initial accreditation under the AABB 1st edition of the Cord Blood Standards on July 2, 2002 and currently is accredited under the 1st edition of the Standards for Cellular Therapy Services. The AABB is known throughout the world for its comprehensive standards for blood banks, transfusion services, and now for cellular therapy laboratories, including cord blood banks.