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StemCyte is a global leading cord blood therapeutic company offers public and private cord blood banking. StemCyte is dedicated to helping the world’s physicians save more lives by providing high quality, safe and effective stem cell transplantation and therapy to all patients in need.

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  • My wife and I met in Scotland where we were doing our undergraduate degree. As we were aware of, 'jussoli' policy does not apply to the UK but does in America. After getting phD degrees and planning to have our first baby, we were regretting that our baby might still be of Chinese nationality, which means going anywhere else in the world.
    Dr. Hao Cheng and Xiaoye Zhao
  • W. Liao, PhD. and M. Ting, PhD. banked their daughter’s cord blood with StemCyte since 2013. StemCyte is honored to invite them to share their perspectives on cord blood banking and experience with StemCyte. As biologists, we were constantly asked by friends whether they shall bank their baby’s umbilical cord blood (UCB). Our answer is always Yes.
    W. Liao, PhD. and M. Ting, PhD.
  • “We decide to bank with StemCyte because StemCyte holds the most accreditations, and not only they have a private bank but also have a public bank” – Rebecca Coates (Florida)
    Rebecca Coates
  • “Thank you StemCyte”
    Itzel Cervantes
  • I banked my daughter's cord blood with StemCyte after my OB gave me some basic information. It was not a hard decision, but rather a natural choice after a number of life experiences that dramatically shaped my outlook on the possibilities of banking my daughter's cord blood.
    Jill Montgomery
    Oceanside, CA